Terriney TV's Faith Academy

Parent & Actress Volunteers


On the Set of Terriney TV's Faith Academy 

 Avondale Estates, Georgia.

Filming Playin' Church


On the set Terriney TV's Playin' Church 

Brookhaven, Georgia

Terriney TV Auditions


Terriney TV Auditions  Intercontinental Hotel, Buckhead Georgia

Fundraising with Guthrie Dinner Theater

Guthrie Dinner Theater

Guthrie Dinner Theater is one of the fundraising arms at Terriney TV.  Our annual event consists of a one-stop-entertainment extravaganza in Atlanta, Georgia. We offer live music, stand up comedy, poetry, complimentary dinner and wine which  precedes a dynamic stage play all on one budget-friendly ticket. Click below for event details. 

event details

Fundraising with Christian T-Shirts Company

Christian T-Shirts Company

What better way to express your spiritual walk than with a Christian t-shirt,  Our apparel shop donates 100% of children's designs to help cushion production costs.  Check out our designs. 


Fundraising with The Funnel Cake Shoppe

The Funnel Cake Shoppe

Our yummiest fund raiser to date is the Funnel Cake Shoppe. Each spring our mobile shop will roll around Atlanta dropping signature funnel cakes.  Our nostalgic deliciousness is made from scratch and topped with fresh fruit, chocolate, ice cream and whip cream, just to name a few.

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